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Thursday, February 24, 2011, 11:38 am

News from SSU Economic Outlook conference


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    This is a compilation of quick updates from the Sonoma State University Economic Outlook conference today posted on the Business Journal’s Twitter feed. Listen to recordings of the presentations and see the slides.

    Regional economic analysis and forecast

    Rob Eyler, Professor and Chair, Economics Department, Sonoma State University, and Director, SSU Center for Regional Economic Analysis; North Bay economic outlook and overview of SSU’s role in the creation of a regional economic development corporation

    Political overview

    Brian Sobel, Principal consultant for Sobel Communications of Petaluma; overview of the local, state and national political climate coming into the year.

    Panel Presentations

    • Joe Nation, Ph.D., Professor of the Practice of Public Policy and Director, Graduate Public Policy Practicum, Stanford University
    • Matthew Hymel, County Administrator, County of Marin
    • Nancy Watt, County Executive Officer, Napa County mega-region
    • Veronica Ferguson, County Administrator, Sonoma County

    Updates from the conference

    11:19 a.m.: The best impact is when you you infuse money into infrastructure. You need infrastructure to draw businesses to the area –Ferguson

    11:09 a.m.: Counties continue bracing for state cuts in addition to dealing with their own internal deficits

    10:57 a.m.: All speaker PowerPoints and an audio recording of today’s conference will be available at www.northbaybusinessjournal.com

    10:55 a.m.: Can the state give us a hybrid plan option? –Hymel

    10:53 a.m.: Marin is 2yr into a 5yr long term restructuring plan

    10:46 a.m.: Matthew Hymel of Marin, Nancy Watt of Napa and Veronica Ferguson of Sonoma discuss county issues

    10:43 a.m.: As far as pensions if someone is retired, give it to them If they are 15yr into a 30yr career you need to put it on the table –Nation

    10:27 a.m.: This is a problem across the country, not just CalPERS, Marin, Sonoma county –Nation

    10:24 a.m.: CalPERS, as of today, is roughly $102 billion in the red –Nation

    10:12 a.m.: Joe Nation talks on pension and pension reform

    9:32 a.m.: 50% of all healthcare dollars are spent in the last 30 days of peoples lives –Sobel

    9:24 a.m.: Because of term limits, and 3rd party people in Sacramento, much legislation is being written by people not employed by us –Sobel

    9:14 a.m.: Brian Sobel, principal consultant of Sobel Communications, speaks on the political climate

    9:06 a.m.: Deadline for entries for the 2011 Seed Round Business Competition March 11. www.northbayihub.org

    9:03 a.m.: The state, while challenged, is showing signs of recovery and we need to take advantage of that –Eyler

    8:44 a.m.: Dr. Robert Eyler: How will we keep our local entrepreneurs local and not heading south for funding?

    8:26 a.m.: 16 percent of the local employment is engaged in the public sector

    7:26 a.m.: Annual Sonoma State University conference, The Public Sector: Opportunities and Realities about to kick off at the Sheraton in Petaluma

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