It was lunch time on the beautiful northern Sonoma coast, another relaxed

vacation day. Without warning, Grace’s husband Don slumped over in his chair,  his skin a pale gray color. She did the right thing – dialed 9-1-1. Local

EMS responders recommended air transport to get Don to help as soon as possible.  Soon they heard the welcome sound of the REACH helicopter landing nearby.  With practiced skill and appropriate speed, Don was airlifted to the closest  hospital. Don’s back home now, and he and Grace are back to enjoying each  day together. Because they were REACH for Life members, they had no expenses  for the REACH air ambulance transport.

Minutes Matter

In life-threatening emergencies, every minute counts, and rapid care involving

air transport can mean the difference between life and death. The above story

illustrates how unexpected events can catch you off guard. After all, you

can never predict when emergencies will happen; it could be at work, at home,

or on the road traveling. The emergency may involve a premature birth, heart

attack, stroke, car accident, or traumatic injury.

REACH Air Medical Services offers a low-cost air ambulance membership program

called REACH for Life. This program is not insurance but a membership with

a very reasonable annual cost. REACH for Life membership covers any payment

gap between your insurance coverage (such as deductible or co-pay) and the

remainder of the bill. Those fees could be thousands of dollars, and you

could be responsible for paying them.

A REACH for Life membership eliminates all out-of-pocket costs and offers

benefits such as coordination with members’ health care plans for payment,

referrals to specialists and hospitals in

coordination with members’ doctors, and perhaps most important, peace of


The REACH for Life membership program is something every employer should

consider as an important employee benefit or gift. For groups of eight or

more, discount rates are available.

It’s easy to enroll. New members can join online at www.REACHair.com. Group

and individual membership applications can be downloaded from the website.

About REACH Air Medical Services

REACH Air Medical Services was incepted in Santa Rosa in 1987 by local emergency

physician Dr. John McDonald. Since then, the company has grown each year,

transporting more than 4,000 patients throughout California and western Oregon.

REACH helicopters are “emergency rooms in the air” flown by experienced pilots,

while care is administered by highly skilled nurses and paramedics.

To date, REACH has performed more than 40,000 life-saving missions. REACH

thrives by always doing what is right for patients. Whether they are the

smallest of newborns or the frail elderly, whether

injured or critically ill and in need of

specialized health care at a distant hospital, REACH is standing by. Protect

your employees, your family, and yourself by joining today.

Why buy a REACH for Life membership?

When life depends on getting to a medical facility quickly, REACH is ready

365 days a year, 24 hours a day.  Bases are located throughout California

and western Oregon. As a member, if REACH provides emergency air transportation,

there are no additional expenses – no co-pays, no deductibles. REACH bills

members’ insurance carriers for emergency medical transport benefits (if

any) and accepts their pay-ment in full. Members pay nothing more than the

annual REACH for Life membership fee.

What does an emergency transport cost?

Transports cost many thousands of dollars. REACH for Life membership ensures

full coverage if REACH provides service. On average, REACH provides more

than a dozen emergency transports every single day. Membership costs just

$40 for individuals and $45 for families, with discounts given to groups

of eight or more.

For questions about REACH for Life, contact Jennifer Hart toll-free at (866)

767-3224, by email at membership@REACHair.com, or visit www.REACHair.com.