Redwood Regional Medical Group has been serving the North Bay communities for over fifty years. It is well-known and respected for its imaging services and for the breadth and quality of its cancer care. Redwood is also becoming known for the quality and uniqueness of its vascular disease care.

Vascular disease is a source of significant morbidity and, sadly, death in our community, resulting in a heavy burden in terms of human suffering and health care resources.

Vascular disease takes many forms, including carotid artery disease (narrowing of the main arteries in the neck that supply blood to the brain, a significant risk factor for strokes), aortic aneurysms (a bulge in the main vessel of the chest and abdomen that may burst causing

dangerous internal hemorrhaging), and peripheral athero-occlusive disease (a narrowing of vessels that carry blood to the legs and arms that can cause significant pain or tissue loss) as well as venous disease with deep-vein thrombosis, varicose veins, and venous insufficiency.

Treating these diverse and often complicated problems requires advanced training and input from multiple specialties, including vascular surgery, diagnostic, and interventional radiology. Redwood’s two vascular surgeons, Dr. Douglas Green and Dr. Douglas Jicha, have extensive experience in vascular disease. Both Harvard-educated and the only team of vascular board-certified surgeons in the area, Drs. Green and Jicha work with the practice’s interventional radiologists in a unique team approach. Through diagnostics, discussion, and treatment planning, they offer each patient the best possible options for care.

Vascular care has been evolving very rapidly in the last decade, with several new techniques and technologies available at Redwood including:

1) Minimally or non-invasive arterial and venous evaluation with high-resolution ultrasound, high-speed Computed Tomography (CT), and Magnetic Resonance (MR) technology.

2) Catheter-based techniques replacing open surgical procedures for many conditions.

Drs. Green and Jicha believe in education to alert the community about risk factors for vascular diseases. Nagging symptoms such as leg pain, heaviness, or swelling can actually be signaling significant vascular disease. Additionally, abdominal aortic aneurysms can be completely symptom free until they burst, resulting in a life-threatening situation.

These diseases are often very treatable, and education and community outreach are key elements in helping these patients. Those most at risk include anyone with a history of cigarette smoking, hypertension, and a family history of vascular disease.

Last fall, to assist the community in learning more about vascular disease, Drs. Green and Jicha held a free vascular screening on a Saturday at Redwood’s 121 Sotoyome St. site. Community members who made appointments were offered tests for peripheral arterial disease and aortic aneurysms and a brief consultation with one of the surgeons. Each patient’s results were sent back to the primary care physician as well. The appointment slots were filled quickly when this free opportunity became known.

Redwood’s team treats all disorders of arteries and veins, both simple and complex, and has extensive experience in both open vascular surgery and the newest minimally invasive treatment alternatives to surgery. Pre-treatment planning is provided, optimized by non-invasive, state-of-the-art 3-D vascular imaging.

The following vascular services are available through Redwood’s offices and vascular laboratory in Santa Rosa:

• CT Angiography

• MR Angiography

• Ultrasound Imaging

• Carotid artery disease and stroke prevention using the latest techniques in endarterectomy (removal of plaque from the inside of the artery) and carotid artery stenting

• Abdominal aortic aneurysm treatment using endovascular stent graphs or open surgical repair

• Peripheral arterial occlusive disease evaluation and treatment with endovas-cular angioplasty, stenting, surgical bypass combined with endoluminal therapy or thrombolytic therapy

• Venous disease treatment, including varicose vein disease