[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="686" caption="Don Sebastiani & Sons plans to spin off The Other Guys division in 2010. (company image)"][/caption]

SONOMA — Wine negociant Don Sebastiani & Sons, makers of the brands, today said it will spin off its The Other Guys division of edgy brands as a separate company from the Three Loose Screws portfolio that includes the mainstay brands Pepperwood Grove and Smoking Loon.

The Other Guys will start operating as a separate company in early 2010. That group of brands includes Hey Mambo, Plungerhead, The White Knight, Leese-Fitch, MooBuzz and Pennywise.

"The goal of The Other Guys has always been 'to do business differently,' to diversify what, how, and where our family's wines are sold," said Executive Director Donny Sebastiani. "By operating as completely separate entities, it will further allow for divergent thought and growth in new and different directions."

His father, Don Sebastiani Sr., will remain chief executive officer and chairman of the board of Don Sebastiani & Sons, Three Loose Screws and The Other Guys. The children are becoming shareholders in The Other Guys.

The company also announced that his daughter, Emily "Mia" Sebastiani, has been named director of the Mia's Kitchen division, which makes wine reduction cooking sauces.