ROHNERT PARK – Codding Enterprises has acquired a 33 percent interest in AspenAir and plans to use its air-filtration systems in all Codding green building construction projects.

The Martinez-based company, jump-started in 2005 by investments from Codding Enterprises President and CEO Brad Baker and other North Bay Angels investors, has opened an office in the Sonoma Mountain Business Cluster.

The AspenAir air-filtration systems fit into existing HVAC systems and remove 99 percent of particulates down to 0.1 micron in size, outperforming traditional, ozone-producing air filters and using much less energy.

The technology employs a high-voltage ion chamber that electronically charges and polarizes particles, causing them to aggregate on a filter medium. Unlike traditional filters, the AspenAir filter becomes more efficient as it collects more particles, so it doesn't require changing as often.

"We're really excited to become part of the Codding Enterprises portfolio," said Mike Gunion, AspenAir president and CEO. "It's a perfect fit for us. Codding is leading the charge for green construction, branching into biodiesel and recycled steel frames. We've always been about improving health and lowering energy use."

In addition to the 33 percent stake in AspenAir, Codding Enterprises will assist the company to become a One Planet product.

One Planet is a nonprofit organization, managed as a member-led club. It enables members to specify and purchase environmental construction products, materials and services more cost effectively and easily, reducing the environmental impact of their developments and making sustainable construction easier. Codding Enterprises' mixed-use Sonoma Mountain Village in Rohnert Park is the first One Planet Community in North America.