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Accuchex: Our company has a socially friendly atmosphere at work and we try to take every request from the client as personal and important and try to satisfy the customer's needs in time.

Adobe Associates: Adobe Associates has a mission statement that goes beyond being a bunch of hot air.  It all boils down to a family-type environment with a surplus of encouragement and tools to succeed, and a strong sense of pride in the quality of our work and subsequent reputation as a result.  You come into work feeling vital to the overall success of the team, which gives one the inclination to go the extra mile to ensure that success.

Audubon Canyon Ranch: The company culture is open and welcoming.  There is always an extra hand to help when anyone is crushed by a project.  The work that the organization does in the preservation, education and research of the natural environment is awesome.

Bank of Marin: The management's focus on building customer loyalty and for employees to be the best that we can be is a priority that is felt across the organization. The communication and getting staff involved with input and ideas on how we can improve the company is very motivating.

Becoming Independent: This is the perfect company for people who wish to take pride in their work. I can walk into the CEO's office and voice concerns, which are taken very seriously. We are rewarded for hard work with real results in the form of a better life for someone who would be on the streets.

Ben Franklin Press & Label Co.: We are a family owned company with our GM/president being a native to our town. He often makes decisions for the good of the town as well as the good of the company.

Bradley Real Estate: There is a positive work environment, a great deal of support and training, the office manager runs the office efficiently, and the upper management is accessible.

Brelje & Race: The collective experience of the employees and their willingness to share that experience for the betterment of the company. The long standing great reputation of the company in the industry continues to be earned on a daily basis by the employees of the firm - this is what makes our firm strong and successful. The longevity of employment - average employment is currently 18 years.

Burr Pilger Mayer: What makes me most proud about BPM is its commitment to give back to the community we work and live in. Also, I feel that the people at the top are very approachable, give us straight talk during these challenging times and try to have all the staff be involved in bettering our company and our work place.

CamelBak Products: I love the products we make and the heart that goes into developing each product. I also love that we have made conscious decisions to be environmentally friendly, including the decision to move into a new HQ that has been LEED certified.

Carlile Macy: Like every other company in this field, we have experienced a large reduction in our work load. But rather than lay employees off like the company has done in the past, management has elected to reduce our work hours across the board, thus allowing the company to participate in EDD's "Work Share Program" which allows the employees to collect partial unemployement benefits for the hours we have lost. (Response to #3)

Charter Oak Bank: We have been innovative in finding solutions for our customers as well as sharing our knowledge with customers to assure them we are solid financial institution. ... Our Bank offered the "Skip-a-payment" plan to the customers last December. (Response to #3)

Circle Bank: It looks to be best in service in underserved areas of the market place.  This includes innovative lending in the green space, assisting with workforce housing in the markets we serve and creating small business programs for businesses often too small to get assistance from the larger institutions.   The clients we serve appreciate that they are obtaining products and services that are unique. (Response to #3)

Coast Landscape Management: Employee empowerment.  All employees are encouraged to make decisions that help shape the company's image.

Coldwell Banker – Brokers of the Valley: Constantly providing continuous ongoing training and updated education on this rapidly changing market. Providing the most awesome management team, tools and encouragement for your success.  Always going the extra mile to help and support every individual to achieve a win/win ending. (Response to #3)

Dal Poggetto & Company: The people.  We strive to recruit people that match our culture and continually work at developing our current staff.  We all work to achieve a great team effort.

Edward Jones: My company puts its clients first. It does and continues to do right by people and by its employees. I feel a sense of ownership in my company ... and I feel empowered by the resources and people that surround me.

Embassy Suites – Marin County: The ability to make your own decisions and learn from them. They promote from within and constantly continue to train and reward Team Members for their great job.

Environmental Resolutions Inc.: ERI never stops working to expand and to get into new fields.  Turbulent times spark great human creativity and opportunity.  ...  While ERI continues to employ great people, great opportunities are never far behind. (Response to #3)

Exchange Bank: There is a real sense of team, and I have never felt more proud to work for any other company.  All that Exchange Bank has done for the community since its inception make me very proud to say I'm an employee of the Exchange Bank.

Filtration Group: Los beneficios y oportunidades que promueven a los empleados (clases de liderazgo, programas de educacion, clases de ingles, etc). The benefits and opportunities they provide to employees (leadership classes, educational programs, English classes, etc.) (From Spanish-language survey)

First Community Bank: What makes our company great is all the employees who take pride in watching it grow. ... It's a great company to work for and a great senior management leading the way.

Ghirardo CPA: The partners are hard working and fair. They foster a sense of community and pride in the workplace. Ghirardo CPA is a family, we care and respect for one another and have fun while working hard to provide the best services to our clients.

Goodwill Industries: The fact that they gave me a chance to "shine" and reach deep within for potential and gifts that I did not even know that I had.

Heffernan Insurance Brokers: The ability for me to be myself first and foremost and I get regular feedback that my contributions matter and are appreciated.

IDEX: Strong leadership.  Even during difficult market conditions, I believe that my manager is working to guide the company in the right direction.

Infineon Raceway: Whether you work in the maintenance department or the sales department, everyone is treated equally at Infineon Raceway, and that is great. It is a real family atmosphere and I feel like I have a small piece of ownership. To that end, I work as hard as possible to make the raceway the best that it can be.

Inn Marin/Rickey's Restaurant: We are a family-owned and operated business.  When you have the right mix of vision, responsiveness and respect, a family-run business can exceed clients' expectations and provide a product superior to their corporate counterpart.  This is my experience with the Inn Marin, and it is an honor to work for them.

Kaiser Permanente – San Rafael: We all work together to make our company great by working together as a team and taking pride in our work.  We all put our patients before ourselves to ensure that they always have a great experience every time they visit our facility.

Kaiser Permanente – Santa Rosa: The company values diversity; they embrace and value the richness of the workforce and all that each individual contributes to the organization.

La Tortilla Factory: We are a company that continually strives to better itself and break out of its own boxes.  We are always trying new things and improving existing processes.

Linkenheimer LLP CPAs & Advisers: Aside from the people, our company continues to garner respect in the community, not just for our services and expertise, but for the fact that we give back to the community as well. In 2008, a good portion of the firm’s staff went to Nicaragua to participate in an eye care project and deliver eye exams, glasses and other much needed supplies. I don't know of too many other companies that would participate and encourage their employees to do something like that.

Marizco Landscape Management: What makes this company great is the fact that when you are here, you want to be here. I look forward to coming to work and having a good day.

Northwest Insurance Agency Inc.: Company management does value and listen to employees. The president has devised an employee action council specifically to address employee concerns and she takes them very seriously. She keeps us informed as to status of company, developments, changes. She really tries to do what is best for clients and employees.

Nova Group Inc.: My company had a meeting at the beginning of this year.  Everyone on every jobsite was asked to attend by teleconference.  We were all included, from laborers to superintendents.  This told me everyone was important to Nova. This made me feel wanted, needed, and important to their purpose, and that I was needed to achieve this purpose.

O'Brien Watters: A high level of integrity.  The partners are fair with employees. Customer service is paramount.  Hard work and loyalty are rewarded.  Teamwork is key to the firm's successful representation of clients while individual opinions and ideas are encouraged and individual needs are respected.

Pacific Landscapes: I feel a spirit of cooperation that I don't think I've come across until working here. It is open minded, open communication. There is a team oriented approach to solving problems.

Petaluma Health Center: We have a great vision, mission and leadership.  Our board is completely committed to the health center and senior leadership has integrity and really cares about employees and our patients.

Petaluma People Services: This is an agency that truly walks its talk: services for the benefit and betterment of people, truly understanding people's authentic needs and striving to meet them - and this is balanced with real professionalism, a very rare combination.

Quattrocchi Kwok Architects: Great bosses, great people. The company has a genuine family atmosphere and everyone really cares about the company.

REACH Air Medical Services: The critical nature of our missions compel us to do what's right for the patient. I'm thankful that our management/leadership also applies this "McDonaldism" to us as employees.  REACH treats us right. The late Dr. (John) McDonald who founded REACH instilled this philosophy from the genesis of the organization and remains an important part of the reach culture today.

Redwood Credit Union: A sense of ownership has been created from the CEO down to a brand new teller.  This has been created by clearly defining our mission, vision, values and service standards and empowering staff to make decisions within these parameters.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing Service of Sonoma County: The culture of the company makes us so great.  Everyone that works here makes the dynamic of the entire team amazing.  I love the people I work with and what I do.  This is a great company because we are like a family that works together toward a common goal and we all help one another along the way.

Schurter Inc.: The care employees show, not only for each other but the organization as a whole.  It's not often you find employee's who treat "going the extra mile" for customers as the norm. And the sincerity of the president, he is very concerned with the well-being of his employees  -  which is rare these days.

Sequoia Senior Solutions: What makes this company great is the integrity of the management and the teamwork of my co-workers. We truly care about what happens to the older generation.  We will be there for those that want to remain in their homes.  Everyone wants to hold on to their independence and know that someone really cares.

Sonic.net: This company started in a garage and has managed to keep the startup energy in how managements works with each other and with other employees. Of course the company is about making money, but not at the expense of its customers or its employees. There is integrity in the workplace, from the top down. Besides, what other employer provides a popcorn machine, a gym and a video arcade game for its employees on top of its own fashion line?

Sonoma Bank: Our company’s saying is "Home town Helpful" and I don't think our bank would have made it where we are if we didn't strive to fulfill that slogan everyday. It's great to find a company that aligns with your own personal core values and Sonoma Bank does just that.  We are not about programs, we are "put your money where your mouth is" and serve our communities and our customers.  We are supported in the decisions we make and are allowed the freedom to always do what's right.

Sonoma Technology Inc.: STI produces high-quality research and products that are meaningful, and the company is run in an open, ethical manner.

ThermaSource Inc.: The CEO, Louis Capuano & the EVP of Operations, Jim Hanson, are the core of the company.  They value their employees, are extremely fair and respectful of their employees and create a family atmosphere that is rare in today's workforce.

Total Concepts: The owners of our company truly treat the employees as a family and are extremely generous. ...  The owners are men of integrity who make decisions in accordance with their values:  high moral standards of conduct, honesty, treating others with respect, and generosity to the community as well as to individuals.

Valley Tire & Brake: In this economy, we have held strong onto the values that have built the business - provide honest, timely, accurate service.

Vantreo Insurance Brokerage: One of the things I like most about working at Vantreo is that the owners / bosses are very open with us about where our company stands and its future plans and strategies. They don't try to hide anything from us. Our company atmosphere is very happy and friendly and I enjoy coming to work every day. We are allowed to have a flexible schedule if we need. We are treated to massages by a masseuse that comes into our office every couple of months.

W. Bradley Electric Inc.: Management cares about providing an outstanding quality of work for our clients, while encouraging employees to work to their strengths and grow.  They are open, true and fair. On the downturn: It has been tough. Bradley deals with the necessary cutbacks with grace and kindness.

Winzler & Kelly: The company was way ahead of the (economic) curve and had developed a plan to position the company in the best possible way in order to avail ourselves of every opportunity. ... What makes this company great is the respectful way each employee is treated, the pride in the services and products that we produce and our dedication to improve the lives of our community neighbors.

Woodruff-Sawyer & Co.: The company has kept the employees informed of changes. I feel that our company has not changed its values or goals, even in this challenging environment.

WRA: Each individual is treated as a highly valuable component to the success of the company.  We are all encouraged to give our opinions on different scenarios and decisions that will affect the company or the work environment.  If we work late/long hours we can take the extra hours to sleep in the following day (as long as no deadlines are looming for that individual) etc.  WRA has a great alternative transportation program to enourage the use of public transit, biking or carpooling as a means to getting to work.