If you are an employer, large or small:

* As Safeway Executive Vice President Ken Shachmut will show in his keynote, the grocer has demonstrated how to flatline health care costs and how the company is working on ways to replicate its systematic approach – which will be laid our in detail at the conference – for small employers.

* In addition, an attorney who specializes in benefits will address what federal reform legislation in its various forms will cost businesses, especially small enterprises, and suggest strategies to minimize their impact.

If you are a physician or other health care professional:

* Health care has not escaped the economic downturn. Conference speakers will address how the economy and ultimately reform is impacting doctors and health care delivery.

If you are in human resources:

* Experts will address two key challenges: 1.) How to promote wellness and control your health care costs while driving employee satisfaction. 2.) Creation of local strategies to combat the rise of chronic conditions that can seriously impact productivity and morale.

To register, call 707-521-5264.