SANTA ROSA – Santa Rosa Junior College is saving tens of thousands of dollars by rolling out technology developed by Petaluma startup Utelogy with lots of input from JC Media Services leaders.For the last couple of years, Frank Pellkofer, former CEO of Integrated Network Communications in Santa Rosa, and his partner Scott McGarrigle have been working to simplify the JC's classroom media."Frank came to tour the Doyle Library multipurpose rooms after taking a course" at the Cisco Training Center from Professor Michael McKeever, said Russ Bowden, JC Media Services director. "It was a fortunate meeting."Intrigued by the complexity of the video equipment in the library, Mr. Pellkofer proposed unifying the controls into one integrated software system. Mr. Bowden saw the possibility of extending that simplified control to the classrooms.The JC's main campus and four remote locations have about 285 classrooms with some sort of video system, 180 with projector systems."Video is the new chalkboard. Nearly everyone uses it," said Mr. Bowden. "We had tried to rig up a central control for projectors, screens, VCRs and PCs, but you still had to go from device to device, and manufacturers all have different controls. It was challenging, sometimes overwhelming for many of our teachers."Debuted in the Doyle Library and first rolled out at the Petaluma campus, the unified software control was an immediate success among teachers."I've heard, 'This is easy,' from a number of real technophobes," said Mr. Bowden. "The best thing is its consistency, from brand to brand, system to system, classroom to classroom."However, even the least technologically challenged teacher occasionally hits the wrong button, or a device freezes up on its own. Then tech help is needed right away, and Mr. Bowden was dispatching technicians to classrooms from Petaluma to the airport, answering SOS calls.Utelogy responded with a live video help desk. Using cloud architecture, technicians take over operation of the classroom systems until the problem has been identified and fixed."The technicians can be employees of the client, or we'll provide them ourselves," said Mr. Pellkofer. "It's a huge time and money saver."This fall the Utelogy software, complete with live help desk, was rolled out in 30 more classrooms.Mr. Bowden estimates the systems have already saved the JC $200,000 in capital expense and labor costs.Utelogy has four beta sites now, including El Camino College in Los Angeles, the Sonoma County Office of Emergency Services and video solutions provider GlowPoint.GlowPoint has branded the Utelogy software as its own in solutions it provides to a major sports network for remote monitoring of sports events and several un-named financial institutions for video banking.Self-funded by the partners, four-employee Utelogy is open to investment funding to take its product to market."The technology has many possible applications. We’d like to be licensing it to 10 colleges in 2010," said Mr. Pellkofer.As the company grows to include a team of development engineers, technicians and sales teams, it could be an excellent job provider."We'd certainly like to put as many talented engineers and technicians to work as we possibly can," he said.For more information, visit