Editor:I read the article ["QuickBooks' Evers turns to small business lending," Nov. 30, p. 1] with great interest and frankly with a bit of amazement that someone finally gets it. Small business is the backbone of the economy and the vehicle to our economic recovery.As a small contracting company, we constantly struggle with our financial obligations and sources to bridge the gaps.Basically, the story goes that if you don’t need it, financing is readily available.  Our ability to turn profits is high, however, so little financial attention and assistance is given to small businesses such as ours that much of our time is misspent making sure we can meet payroll or our next credit card obligation rather than produce our construction product.Rarely do companies such as ours have the business networking ability and personnel to access funding or guidance to help them prosper and grow.Yours would be of great service to the community.Thank you and good luck.

Bill Lehrke

Rose Construction