SANTA ROSA -- First-quarter profits for Agilent Technologies’ Electronic Measurement Group, headquartered in Santa Rosa, were $64 million above last year’s, mostly due to restructuring. Revenues were slightly down.

Agilent as a whole saw revenues of $1.21 billion, up 4 percent from the first quarter of last year.

In electronic measurement, revenues of $629 million were down from $641 million for the same period last year, but orders rose 8 percent.

Ron Nersesian, president of the Electronic Measurement Group, called the numbers “very, very good news.”

“We exceeded our plan for the quarter and exceeded forecasted results,” he said.

The group is continuing to invest in research and development, with new products and solutions in the pipeline, and through restructuring it has aligned itself with the current economy, he said.

“While revenues were flat, orders were strong. We’re healthy again.”

Agilent employs 1,100 in Santa Rosa.