Size and location; use; tenant; agent or landlord; approximate date of occupancy or transaction.

Sonoma County

11,000sf at  255 and 257 Sutton Place, Santa Rosa; Industrial; Bimbo Bakeries USA Inc.; Shawn Johnson of Keegan & Coppin, Tanya Pratt of Mohr Partners; Jan. 6.

9,380sf at 1993 Santa Rosa Ave., Santa Rosa; Retail; Bitech Inc. dba Performance Bicycle; Tom Laugero of Keegan & Coppin, Steve Cutter of Lockhouse Retail Group; Dec. 22.

9,300sf at 801 Fourth St., Santa Rosa; Retail; Sterling Savings Bank; Shawn Johnson of Keegan & Coppin; Nov. 20.

8,719sf at 131 Stony Circle #300, Santa Rosa; Office; Community Child Care Council of Sonoma County; Jennifer Turner of Simons & Woodard, Shawn Johnson, Brian Keegan of Keegan & Coppin; Dec. 1.

3,600sf at 3440 Airway Dr. #D, Santa Rosa; Industrial; Quality Discount Cabinets LLC; Vic Shellenberg of Keegan & Coppin; Dec. 15.

2,160sf at 1310 Commerce St. #N, Petaluma; Industrial; Fair St. Films; Tony Sarno of Keegan & Coppin; Dec. 30.

1,935sf at 490 Mendocino Ave. #109, Santa Rosa; Office; LTK Engineering Services; Russ Mayer of Keegan & Coppin; Dec. 14.

1,429sf at 3554 Round Barn Blvd. #309, Santa Rosa; Office; Sitzmann, Morris & Lavis Insurance Agency Inc.; Shawn Johnson, Dave Peterson, Brian Keegan of Keegan & Coppin, Tony Lucchesi of BT Commercial; Jan. 5.

941sf at 775 Baywood #107, Petaluma; Office; Modify Your Finances Inc.; Tony Sarno, Mike Thomason, Doug Braik of Keegan & Coppin; Dec. 16.

800sf at 7586 Commerce Blvd., Cotati; Retail; Dorya Malo Valle; Sara Wann of Keegan & Coppin; Jan. 5.

512sf at 100 E St. #205, Santa Rosa; Office; G.S.A.; Doug Braik of Keegan & Coppin; Dec. 23.

392sf at 6 Petaluma Blvd. North #B-4, Petaluma; Office; Marilyn Stefonetti, MFT; Tony Sarno, Mike Thomason of Keegan & Coppin; Dec. 10.

Marin County

3,730sf at 900 Fifth Ave. #150, San Rafael; Office; Buckelew; Matt Storms of Keegan & Coppin, Sandy Greenblatt of HL Commercial; Dec. 9.

3,320sf at 555 E. Francsico Blvd. #19, San Rafael; Retail; Tamalpais Crossfit LLC; Vesa Becam, Dan Hevia of Keegan & Coppin; Dec. 21.

3,270sf at 1133 E. Francisco Blvd. #A and #G, San Rafael; Retail; Tamalpais Hardwood Floors; Abigail Levine of Universal Portfolio Ltd, Matt Wagner of Keegan & Coppin; Jan. 6.

1,452sf at 469 A Coloma St., Sausalito; Office; Michael Sugrue; Theo Banks, Nathan Ballard of Keegan & Coppin; Dec. 28.

1,200sf at 21 Golden Gate #B, San Rafael; Industrial; Supertopo.com; Nathan Ballard, Theo Banks of Keegan & Coppin; Dec. 10.

243sf at 451 Coloma St., Sausalito; Office; Geoffrey James; Theo Banks, Nathan Ballard of Keegan & Coppin; Jan. 15.


Size and location; use; buyer; agent or landlord; approximate date of occupancy or transaction; value.

Sonoma County

3,000sf at 2451 Summerfield Rd., Santa Rosa; Office; Bennett Valley Optometry; Dennis Park of North Bay Commercial Real Estate, Bill Faherty of Keegan & Coppin; Jan. 11; na.

Portion of a parcel at 555 Westside Rd., Healdsburg; Industrial; John & Katherine Clendenen; Rob Jacoby of Century 21, Bill Faherty of Keegan & Coppin; Jan.22; na.

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