Marin Clean Energy was part of the focus of the Business Journal's Impact Marin Conference 2010. Download presentations from the event.

There's been vigorous discussion in recent months over a plan to provide a significant portion of the energy demand for Marin County from renewable sources through a community choice aggregation program called Marin Clean Energy. The Business Journal invited both sides of the Marin Clean Energy debate to present their views here.

Program offers key green benefitsJaime Tuckey, Marin Energy Authority

Marin Clean Energy is a Community Choice Aggregation program that is designed to serve Marin’s priorities. It allows electric consumers to choose non-polluting renewable energy, lower Marin's greenhouse gas emissions, reduce dependence on imported fossil fuels, foster development of local green power generation and clean technologies and protect Marin homes and businesses from uncertain fuel prices. (read more)

Plan carries far too many risksby Joe Nation, Marin Common Sense Coalition

The financial crisis is forcing Marin residents and businesses to spend less and work more. The regional unemployment rate has doubled in two years to 10 percent.  Every day, another Marin family is losing their home to foreclosure. (read more)