Size and location; use; tenant; agent or landlord; approximate date of occupancy or transaction.

Sonoma County

10,400sf at 199 Petaluma Blvd. North, Petaluma; Retail; Baker Creek Seed Co.; James Manley of Keegan & Coppin; Dec. 1.

10,000sf at 40 Maxwell Ct. #1, Santa Rosa; Industrial; NeoMicro; Gil Saydah, Rhonda Deringer of Keegan & Coppin; Jan. 8.

3,000sf at 808 Piner Road, Santa Rosa; Industrial/Retail; Shirley Schmidt & Karen Titoni; Gary Brown of HL Commercial, Kevin Doran of Keegan & Coppin; Oct. 16.

1,351sf at 1180 Holm Road #C, Petaluma; Office; Petaluma Community Church; Dave White, Tony Sarno, Russ Mayer, Rhonda Deringer of Keegan & Coppin; Sept. 30.

1,152sf at 399 Business Park Ct. #306, Windsor; Industrial; Gary Young; Russ Mayer of Keegan & Coppin, Jeff Tobes of Creative Property Services; Jan. 26.

924sf at 1260 N. Dutton Ave. #145, Santa Rosa; Office; Bill Mapes; Brook Antonio of STG Asset Management, Doug Braik of Keegan & Coppin; Jan. 7.

Marin County

3,135sf at 906 Fourth St., San Rafael; Retail; Marin Arts Council; Matt Storms of Keegan & Coppin, John Wright of HL Commercial; Dec. 23.

972sf at 465 Magnolia Ave., Larkspur; Office; RealtyCom Partners LLC; Bill Hester of Keegan & Coppin; Dec. 18.

605sf at 469 Magnolia Ave. #C, Larkspur; Office; Lee A. Petty; Bill Hester of Keegan & Coppin; Nov. 30.

575sf at 607 San Anselmo Ave., San Anselmo; Office; Sally Chang; Bill Hester of Keegan & Coppin; Nov. 30.


Size and location; use; buyer; agent or landlord; approximate date of occupancy or transaction; value.

Sonoma County

3,202sf at 2444 Lomitas Ave., Santa Rosa; Retail; Christa Rypins & The Craig & Frankie West Revocable Family Trust; Kevin Doran, Bill Faherty of Keegan & Coppin; Feb.17; na.

28 Units at 999 Sonoma Ave., Santa Rosa; Apartments; Sonoma Avenue LP; Scott Gerber of NorCal, Scott Raymond of Sperry Van Ness; Feb 16; $2,450,000.

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