(This is an open letter to Lynn Duggan of the Duggan Family Partnership, owner of the building that houses the Rialto Cinemas Lakeside on Summerfield Road.)

Dear Mr. Duggan:

The news that a change in management of our favorite theatre comes as a shock.

In recognizing your ownership of the company that holds the lease on the Rialto, there is no question you can lease to whomever you please when the lease expires.

We write to ask you to consider reversing the recently signed lease and allow the present lessee, Ky Boyd, owner of the Rialto, to be part of the bidding process for this new lease.

We want to guarantee the continuity of entertainment options for Sonoma County theater goers. The large and loyal following that Ky Boyd and the Rialto have built in this community value his commitment to independent and foreign films. As faithful customers for these 10 years, we have been educated and entertained by what we see at the Rialto. We treasure his decisions in the programming he offers to a large variety of tastes and cultures.

The reasons for such support are many: a high percentage of the Rialto’s attendees are senior citizens. The venue offers easy access for those with limited mobility in both the interior and exterior of the building, especially an ease in parking. The amenities in the lobby are always clean and attractive with cafe seating and reading materials available. It’s a place to socialize, to meet friends before start times and to review films after shows.

In addition, the formerly plain exterior has been given an attractive retro-image upgrade, which reminds us of the early days of Hollywood while enhancing the image of the whole block.

Without doubt, Mr. Boyd and his staff have contributed generously in support of many good causes by offering a venue for nonprofit fundraisers, as many others have already noted. These contributions go beyond our city to the whole county and because of this, Ky Boyd has built a personal following through his generosity and wise business choices. You may not be aware of the strength of “brand commitment,” however, in Sonoma County, Ky Boyd is a brand.

As you are now aware, there has been a wave of shock and sadness to thousands of us regarding the change of lease agreement. We, the undersigned, ask that you give Mr. Boyd the opportunity to discuss a new lease before any more time elapses or any move is seriously contemplated. Thank you.

Sincerely submitted.

Marlene AlvesSanta Rosa And 18 additional signatories

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