NORTH BAY – State, federal and local agriculture officials are expanding the quarantine areas for the European grapevine moth in Napa and Sonoma counties after the insect was found in Kenwood, Sonoma and Calistoga.

Last week one more adult moth was trapped in Kenwood, and two were discovered in Sonoma, according to Sonoma County Agricultural Commissioner Cathy Neville. A moth was found near Kenwood in March.

Meanwhile, seven male moths were trapped in Calistoga, likely to expand the current 219-acre quarantine area for the moth mostly in Napa County, according to county spokeswoman Elizabeth Emmett. The first North America moth find was in September in Napa Valley. As of late last week, trapping turned up more than 16,000 moths in Napa County.

The finds in Calistoga could extend the Napa County quarantine area in a three mile radius around the city, extending into the Knights Valley winegrowing region of Sonoma County, according to Ms. Neville. The Kenwood and Sonoma discoveries could extend the quarantine in a similar fashion.

Determining the boundary areas of the new finds will take three weeks, she said.