NOVATO -- Brian K. Kennedy, Ph.D, has been appointed president and chief executive officer of the Buck Institute for Age Research effective July 1.

Dr. Kennedy, who has earned an international reputation for his work in the basic biology of aging, comes to the Buck Institute from the University of Washington in Seattle where he most recently served in the Department of Biochemistry.

“We are honored to welcome Dr. Kennedy as the new head of the Buck Institute,” said Catherine Munson, chair of the board of trustees. “His expertise, superb reputation, and profound commitment to furthering the field of age research will serve a critical role in ensuring the Institute’s continued success as it moves into its second decade.” 

Dr. Kennedy, 43, has published more than 60 manuscripts in medical journals. He earned his PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and became well known for work during his graduate studies, which led to the discovery that Sirtuins modulate aging. His current work involves nutrient signaling pathways linked to dietary restriction. He also studies targets for mutation in Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome.

“The work being done at the Buck Institute for Age Research raises the possibility to intervene in the aging process. Aging is the biggest risk factor for many diseases, therefore success in slowing aging will likely make people healthier later in their lifespan. The opportunity to lead the Buck Institute’s talented scientific staff as the Institute enters a new phase of growth and expansion is a welcome challenge,” said Dr. Kennedy.

The Buck Institute, which employs 191 people,  focuses on the diseases and conditions of aging.