As a local resident and business owner, I want to add my voice in support of the new Sutter hospital that is being presented for your approval.

As you know, the Sutter land purchase was a critical factor in helping keep a future for the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts and this project complements that use and makes sense at that location.

Sutter is an economic engine for Sonoma County as the fourth largest employer supporting over 1,200 families with good paying jobs. If approved, this project will put millions of dollars into the local economy that wouldn’t have been spent here without Sutter.

The ripple impact of $284 million  constructing the hospital is enormous to our service industries, restaurants, lodging and hundreds of local businesses.

Locating a hospital on Highway 101 makes sense so it can be accessible to everyone in the community. This use is ideal in its location and having Sutter as a partner will ensure the highest quality is available to Sonoma County residents in health care.

I ask for your support for this project so we can reignite the economy in Sonoma County.

-- Rick Bartalini, Rick Bartalini Presents, Santa Rosa