Enphase, Raydiance, Metier bring new energy

SANTA ROSA and PETALUMA -- Three of Sonoma County’s newest tech companies have widely diverse products: ultra-short pulse lasers, microinverters for the solar industry and project portfolio management software.

But Raydiance, Enphase Energy and Metier are alike in three ways: they each arrived within the last four years, they each consciously chose the North Bay to locate their headquarters or a major center and all three are growing as fast as they can find qualified staff.

BioMarin, Buck Institute, TriVascular in growth mode

NOVATO and SANTA ROSA -- BioMarin Pharmaceuticals, the Buck Institute for Age Research and TriVascular are expanding research, products and staff.

Each has innovative products either on the market or under development, with a healthy cushion of capital for future growth.

Hospitals, health centers planning new facilities, expansions

Nearly every sector within health care in the North Bay is undergoing rapid expansion, reflecting a nationwide trend that shows little sign of a respite.

Hospitals are expanding or being rebuilt entirely. Outpatient facilities continue to crop up as a broader patient base is sought by some providers. Physicians groups are racing to recruit more doctors to their ranks to ensure purchasing power while maintaining a competitive advantage. And federally qualified health centers, with a significant increase in federal funding and a clearer role in light of health care reform, are consistently doubling in size in an effort to treat an influx of patients.

This is just a sampling of the quickly growing health care companies and providers across the North Bay, from corporate giants to rural clinics.

From linens to insurance, companies expandLa Tavola, ProSight, Central Payment add space, markets; Frank-Lin, Kiewit to move to the North Bay

From linen rentals to financial transaction processing to insurance underwriting to alcoholic beverage production to heavy construction, several companies in various industries have relocated or expanded in the North Bay this year.