Chairman, Beckstoffer Vineyards

PO Box 405, 8600 Conn Creek Road, Rutherford 94573, 707-963-9471,

Staff: 50

Residence: St. Helena

Professional background: Financial executive, planner

Education: Bachelor of Science, Master of Business Administration

Age: 70

What do you see as the essential role of a leader in the current environment? To motivate and innovate

What are the biggest changes you've seen in your industry? Change from production-driven to marketing-driven

What advice would you give to young emerging leaders? Listen.

What's the best advice for weathering today's economic environment? Stick to what you know.

How do you think your business will change in the next five years? It will improve dramatically from the depression of today.

What is a decision you wish you hadn't made? What did you learn from it? Making my own wine – I should stick to what I know.

What is your most memorable business experience? Buying my own business

What is your greatest business success? Building a successful vineyard business without owning a winery

What was your toughest business decision? To buy land when the market was down

What would your friends be surprised to find out about you? I'm really a sensitive guy.

First job: AT&T telephone company engineer

Most admired businessperson outside the company: Bob Trinchero

Current reading: "Game Change," by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin

Most want to meet: Barack Obama

Stress relievers: Exercise

Favorite activities outside work: Horseback riding, hiking