SANTA ROSA -- The brand new voter education group North Bay Jobs & Prosperity Project is just finishing up its first registration drive and has plans to keep an eye on newly elected supervisors and city council members and their positions on job promotion.

The non-partisan group of companies and organizations was just launched last month by the North Coast Builders Exchange, the Sonoma County Alliance and the North Bay Leadership Council and is already gathering partners and advocates.

Project director Terry Darcy said the group’s initial effort focused on bringing Sonoma County candidates' views on jobs and job creation to the voting public and also increasing that body of citizens.

“I want people to know that there is still time to register for the upcoming election by calling the county registrar this week, “she said. Call 707-565-6800.

Most of the candidates for Sonoma County positions agreed to answer a survey and have those answers published on the project website

“I can’t say they were enthusiastic because they’re asked to fill out so many surveys during an election period, but most were willing and some welcomed the opportunity,” said Ms. Darcy.

Following the election, those candidates who declined to be surveyed – some were running unopposed and didn’t see the necessity – will be approached again, as well sitting supervisors and council members.

“Our goal is to have all elected officials in the North Bay participate. Then we’ll post their voting records on issues that relate to jobs so that citizens can track the performance of public servants and relate it to whether the region is gaining jobs or losing them,” she said.

No endorsements will be made, no matter what kind of voting record emerges.

The group is gaining favor among local businesses and chambers of commerce. New partners include Codding Enterprises and Redwood Credit Union.

Advocates are Goodwill Industries of the Redwood Empire, the North Bay Association of Realtors, the Santa Rosa Firefighters Local 1401, the Santa Rosa Small Business Development Center and the Santa Rosa, Windsor and Cotati chambers of commerce.

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