AMERICAN CANYON – Gaia Napa Valley Hotel and Spa, known for its environmental features and LEED Gold certification, will become a franchise of Doubletree Hotel, a Hilton Hotels Corp. brand, by year end.

The 132-room hotel will remain a green facility, and a number of upgrades will be made including a new computer system, furniture and signs. Frank Huang, a partner in Butterfly Effect Hotels LLC, which will continue to own the hotel, said branding the hotel will attract 25 percent more business.

"Maybe just by virtue of being a very recognizable name, their occupancy will pick up," said Pam Wilkinson, president and chief executive officer of the American Canyon Chamber of Commerce.

Occupancy is currently at 65 percent. Marin Management Inc. of Sausalito, which manages Gaia, employs between 60 and 70 people. Mr. Huang anticipates that number will grow if business increases.