Kudos to Mesa Beverage for their new 415,000-kilowatt solar electricity system and to the North Bay Business Journal for telling their story [“Mesa Beverage installs 415,000kw rooftop solar array,” P. 11, Nov. 8].

Several aspects of this milestone deserve recognition:

-- Mesa worked successfully with the county as part of the permitting process to find a solution to reduce its carbon footprint even though it had a larger new facility.

-- Mesa is doing its part to help Sonoma County achieve its 25 percent greenhouse gas reduction goal and show other communities around the nation what is possible.

-- Mesa voluntarily went ten times beyond the requirement in the county’s permit conditions for generating green, renewable energy.

Mesa Beverage is setting the pace for new development in Sonoma County.

Pete Parkinson

County of Sonoma Permit and Resource Management Department,

Ann Hancock

Climate Protection Campaign