ROHNERT PARK -- PNN (Personal News Network), the first company to join the Sonoma Mountain Business Cluster, closed its doors on Jan. 1, according to founder Lauren Elliott.

Founded in 2006, PNN offered users tools to create, personalize and download photos, video and audio clips onto a hosted blog in a newsletter format. Later the  site refocused on a woman-to-woman concept.

"I've just been taken on to other projects and didn't have the time or resources to make it grow," said Mr. Elliott, who created the popular "Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego?" game for Broderbund.  "It remains a very tight, active community, albeit one that doesn't make money...."

His new venture is, a winner at the recent North Bay Investors Summit. It's an always on, Wi-Fi-enabled device that allows for video communication, similar to Skype but easier to use, he said.

"I've been so busy working on it and rounding up funding that I didn't have time to put PNN up for sale, or try to figure out a future life for the community," Mr. Elliott said.

"I really have had a great time with it, and it has introduced me to a whole group of wonderful people - who knows, maybe someone will yet come in an rescue it."

Sonoma Mountain Business Cluster, located in the Sonoma Mountain Village commercial development in Rohnert Park, now has about 20 member companies.