NAPA -- Queen of the Valley Medical Center announced today that it opened its Regional Wound Care Center in Napa, where it will offer comprehensive and personalized planning to assess and effectively treat chronic wounds.

The new center will treat diabetic, arterial, venous, pressure, surgical and other wounds, the 191-bed acute care hospital said. The new center will also provide diagnostic services, compression therapy, special advanced treatment dressings and family and caregiver education.

The new wound care center is located at the Trancas Street campus, with the Outpatient Surgery and Procedure Center.

"The Queen's Wound Care Center uses the very latest, most advanced treatments to help patients get better and get back to enjoying life," said Leland Raymond, director of the new center.

Queen of the Valley Medical Center, a level lll trauma center, is part of St. Joseph Health System and is the sister hospital of Memorial Hospital in Santa Rosa.