SAN RAFAEL -- Former Century Theaters owner Syufy Enterprises acquired Peacock Gap Golf and Country Club in San Rafael.

San Rafael-based Syufy plans "numerous improvements" to the facilities and partly private 18-hole course in the next year. The 50-year-old course is expected to remain open and fully functional during any planned improvements, according to the company.

"This club has been the center of the Peacock Gap community for 50 years and we plan to return the course and facility to its original, prominent position in the community," said Tony Maniscalco, Syufy vice president of marketing.

Syufy Enterprises started in 1947 and operated Century Theaters until Cinemark acquired it in 2006. The company now has several Bay Area businesses, including VillaSport Athletic Club and Spa, West Wind Drive-In Theatres and Public Markets, SyWest Development and Tri-Valley Golf.