The following are quick takes via the Business Journal's Twitter feed ( from this morning's discussion on Gov. Jerry Brown's proposal to cut redevelopment agency funding for cities and counties.

9:27 a.m.: Santa Rosa Councilman Jake Ours this morning at SCA: Gov. Brown move to end redevelopment "shell" game to move money to courts, Medicaid.

8:26 a.m.: Official: State may try to claw back redevelopment funds for three years.

8:24 a.m.: Ours: "It's a straight steal" -- Brown proposal to end redevelopment.

8:20 a.m.: Jake Ours, Santa Rosa city council: "future of redevelopment is bleak."

8:08 a.m.: Healdsburg official: Without redevelopment, Hotel Healdsburg may not have happened.

8:05 a.m.: More from SCA: without redevelopment funds projects in Healdsburg will go away

8:01 a.m.: From Sonoma County Alliance this morning on redevelopment: $21 million has benefittedĀ Healdsburg