GravityEight targets wellbeing; founder chose county lifestyleMILL VALLEY -- Marin County is new home to another interesting Internet company, joining Glassdoor, ImageSpan and many others in Sausalito.

Capitalizing on three hot trends -- social media, self awareness and electronic devices -- a group of Marin entrepreneurs just launched GravityEight, a website dedicated to personal wellbeing.

By integrating the data generated by personal analysis gadgets with content provided by experts in various fields and directing the results to personal progress charts, the site encourages users to develop balance in their lives.

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“Research shows that 65 percent of people consider themselves thriving in one aspect of living, whether it’s career, relationships, health or another area, but only 6 percent consider themselves adept in all areas,” said founder and CEO David Wamsley, who is among the panelists at Thursday’s Impact Marin conference.

Community, finance, spirituality, learning and leisure round out the essential parts of a balanced life referred to in GravityEight.

Mr. Wamsley chose Mill Valley to locate GravityEight because of the high level of talent available.

“The county is a wonderful place to raise a family, and because of that you find upper level executives and directors who are happy to work where they live. I know I’m glad to be here, and I hope our company adds to a hub of similar small companies,” he said.

At the site, Mr. Wamsley and his team envision participants using a mix of solid and virtual tools to discover and build out weak areas while sharing their progress with an online community.

Mr.Wamsley founded several high tech and Internet companies, including K2 Urbancorp LLC and Campsix, a 65-person technology incubator in San Francisco. His first startup was Adauction.com, which sold to Seattle-based Media Passage.

Collectively his companies raised about $115 million in venture capital.

“We’re just now beginning to sound out angel groups for $500,000 to $1 million to grow our product and bring on staff at GravityEight,” he said. The company currently has a core team of three, with a network of freelancers and technical people providing content and programming.

He’s looking at a number of potential revenue sources, including advertising -- “clearly delineated from content” -- and a share in the sale of devices such as Nike’s iPhone GPS app, Zeo’s Personal Sleep Coach and Withings wireless scale.

“People love keeping track of their activities and health on personal devices, and the devices lend themselves to integration with our online tools,” said Mr. Wamsley.

GravityEight will also charge fees for some of its expert content, such as streaming talks by recognized experts in finance, say, or health.

“We comb the Net for the most valuable videos and offers to add to our toolbox: CreditKarma, Groupon, Ted videos. We believe users will be willing to pay for the most value-added,” he said.

The site is at www.gravityeight.com.

While its user base is growing GravityEight will offer most of its content and virtual tools for free, including a Wellbeing Meter now under development.

“Our experts in all fields are compiling a list of questions designed to profile a person’s strengths and weaknesses in all eight areas. Once it is completely integrated with our toolbox it will faithfully chart, with real data in real time, the movement toward balance,” said Mr. Wamsley.