[caption id="attachment_31214" align="alignleft" width="432" caption="A high-end, JMA-built home in Healdsburg surrounds a pool. (Technical Imagery Studios photo)"][/caption]

SANTA ROSA -- Builder Jim Murphy & Associates was featured in a lavish spread by Custom Home magazine, which also honored the local building company by naming it Custom Home Builder of the Year.

Partners Jim Murphy and Jay True are pictured on the cover of the January-February issue of the glossy magazine, with a 10 page profile inside.

Senior editor Bruce Snider, who wrote the story, was clearly taken by the partners’ combined expertise and commitment to excellence.

“We invest a great deal of effort in identifying subjects whose business philosophy, management practices and professional integrity make them role models for the industry,” he said. “Jim Murphy and Jay True are deserving of recognition.”

He went on to cite the partners’ “artisanal craftsmanship and industrial-strength project management,” and “ethic of excellence, accountability and humility.”

The magazine profile charts the company’s evolution from a custom home builder in the early 1980s to its current operation as a builder of wineries, schools, banks, medical facilities and high-end custom homes.

Today JMA employs 35 and has revenues of over $40 million.

[caption id="attachment_31215" align="alignright" width="432" caption="Interior of a Napa home built by JMA and featured in the Custom Home magazine feature. (Technical Imagery Studios photo)"][/caption]

Custom Home magazine had a plethora of beautiful homes to choose for its photo spread, which includes 14 shots of spectacular Wine Country residences.

The story also describes a 12,000-square-foot farmhouse-style home, one of six buildings on a private, 62-acre parcel in the upper Napa Valley being built by the JMA team.

The operation, involving two full-time crews and multiple government agencies – several full-grown native oaks are being trucked to the site – is the largest construction project currently under way in Napa County.

While it represents the pinnacle in custom residences, JMA’s commercial portfolio is considerable, too. Exchange Bank, Clos du Bois Winery, Sonoma Country Day School and the Redwood Regional Oncology Center are among the company’s clients.

Mr. Murphy reacted to the magazine spread and award this way: “I was taken aback when I heard about it. I was truly honored. I thought the author of the article captured the culture of the company really well. There are contributions from every person here who made this happen. We have some very special people working at JMA,” he said.