SANTA ROSA – The Sonoma County Community Development Commission (C.D.C) announced the completion of purchase negotiations on the Roseland Shopping Plaza in Southwest Santa Rosa at 665 Sebastopol Road, Santa Rosa.  The site is a key property to enacting the Sebastopol Road Urban Vision Plan.

Sonoma County Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Efren Carrillo commented, “The Roseland Plaza purchase is a pivotal moment for the community.  The purchasing of the 7 acre parcel moves the community a step closer towards its vision to have a mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented development of affordable housing and commercial opportunities, including road improvements and a long-desired public plaza. This critical investment will produce local jobs, needed housing and a central public gathering place."

The county-run C.D.C.'s acquisition of the 7 acre property for $3,490,000 is the culmination of a challenging process, starting with acquiring an option to purchase the property from affordable housing developer Mission Housing, which had an option to purchase from the Baugh Family Trust, the previous property owner. Mission Housing holds an exclusive right to negotiate with the C.D.C. for development of the parcel, which will conform to the Urban Vision Plan for the area. The pre-acquisition due diligence process included a lengthy investigation of the environmental condition of the property, and mitigation of environmental issues will be a part of the redevelopment plan for the property. 

As envisioned, plans for the Plaza include the potential for office space, retail space, and new  affordable housing units for the community.