NOVATO -- Multifamily real estate research firm RealFacts of Novato has formed a strategic partnership with Meyers LLC, a Southern California firm that specializes in real estate finance, investment and development analysis and consulting.


Apartment property database of 12,832 locations totaling 3.3 million units and 2.8 billion square feet as well as 4,500 sales transactions recorded in past four years.

Publisher of 88 consecutive quarterly updates on rent and occupancy for 96 metropolitan areas in 14 states

Meyers LLC

Pricing absorption and strategy

Product repositioning

Absorption analysis

Portfolio and asset management


Sell-hold sensitivity analysis

Newsletter and capital market survey

The two companies together have more than 50 years of experience in analytics and data research.

"We believe the rental business is the strongest real estate product type today and will continue to strengthen as rental rates appreciate at a rapid rate in 2011 and beyond," said Jeff Meyers, principal. "We searched for a data provider with strong ground up research skills and the same philosophies on how to collect comprehensive data, and found RealFacts and Sarah Bridge, a leader in the apartment market for the past 25 years."

Sarah Bridge, who started RealFacts, said Meyers will help the firm to continue to expand its reach during the real estate downturn.

"Meyers has the experience and a proven track record having already built and sold the largest home building data company in the U.S.," she said.

The partnership is a strategic alliance geared to comprehensively examine apartment markets as that sector gains momentum. They plan to publish a co-branded monthly newsletter with apartment market analysis and trends to help their clients in investment and land development decisions.

Both companies will co-host a own multifamily conference later this year on specific trends in various apartment markets.

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