GEYSERVILLE --  The River Rock Entertainment Authority, which operates the River Rock Casino, today reported first-quarter net revenues decreased 3.7 percent from a year ago, and casino revenue slipped 2.6 percent in the same period.

Net revenue from the first quarter, ended March 31, was $31.1 million on operating expenses of $19 million. A year ago, compared with $32.3 million a year before on $19.8 million.

Of total revenues, the casino accounted for $30.1 million, including $27.4 million from the slot machines and $2.7 million from table games and poker. In the first quarter of 2010, casino revenue totaled $30.9 million, including $28 million from the slots and $3.0 million from the tables and poker.

Receipts from food, beverage and retail totaled $1.8 million in the first quarter of this year, up slightly from $1.4 million a year before.

Operational expenses improved over the year. First-quarter expenses were $4.3 million for the casino, $1.6 million for food and beverages and  $9.7 million for administration. In early 2010, those expenses were $3.8 million, $1.8 million and $10.6 million, respectively.

Before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, earnings for the first quarter were $14.7 million, or 47 percent of  net revenues. Income from operations  in the first quarter was $12.3 million, or 39 percent of net revenues.

Nonoperating expense was $5.2 million and included $5.2 million of interest expense.