SAN RAFAEL -- Photovoltaic panel installation system developer Zep Solar Inc. signed a license agreement with Centrosolar AG of Hamburg, Germany, that is expected to expand the market for Zep products, which are set to come to market this year.

As one of Zep Solar’s leading European partners and the only maker of Zep products in Germany, Centrosolar will develop, manufacture and market Zep-compatible modules in Germany and other European countries. The European launch is set for the Intersolar Europe trade show in Munich in June, followed by an introduction to the U.S. market in the third quarter.

"The Zep concept represents an important step in the evolution of the PV mounting system," said Johannes Kneip, a board member of Centrosolar AG. "It removes the separation between module frames and framework, which has existed since the beginning of the solar energy era, and therefore allows significant savings to be made at a time when aluminum is becoming more and more expensive."

Centrosolar will manufacture solar modules that have a grooved frame to fit Zep's grounding hardware, and both companies adapted Zep's design to work with common European roofs. The Zep system is designed to require less mounting hardware and fewer tools.