The May 23, 2011 NBBJ arrived today with a front page article by Brad Bollinger on the possible abandonment of Highway 37. Regardless of the facts in this story, I take umbrage with the use of the term ‘obscure’ as a characterization of the BCDC, BAAQMD, MTC, and ABAG.

These are long standing public agencies which have been in existence for many years 30 to 40+ in most cases. On their boards sit many local politicians and whose actions have had and continue to have profound effects on the San Francisco Bay Area. Furthermore, these same agencies are indicated by Mr. Bollinger as having “questionable accountability,” really? These agencies conduct their policy making via open public processes and about as accountable to the public as it gets. Let’s stick to the facts of the OneBayArea.org formation and save the editorial comments for other articles.

In my work, I have at times had to deal with all of these agencies, and while I have my likes and dislikes about them, I would never call any of them obscure or questionably accountable.

Tim Morgan

Project Manager, ESA | Energy