Bauman College offers ‘Nutrition Consultant,’ ‘Natural Chef’ curriculum

[caption id="attachment_35218" align="alignright" width="360" caption="Natural Chef students in the classroomPENNGROVE – Since 1989, Bauman College has been certifying students in holistic nutrition and culinary arts."][/caption]

Founded by Dr. Ed Bauman, the school originally opened as IET Nutrition Consultant Training Program. The school operates from four locations, three in California and one in Boulder, Colo.

There are two programs, the Nutrition Consultant program, and the Natural Chef program.

The Nutrition Consultant program is a 15-month training program for either people new to the field or people currently in healthcare.

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The units satisfy continuing education credits for nurses.

The Nutrition Consultant Training Program aims to provide students with an understanding of the foundations of whole food nutrition as it contributes to the prevention of illness and the promotion of optimal health.

“Our graduates will be qualified to be in private practice if they so choose,” said Marsha McLaughlin, the admissions supervisor at Bauman. But, she said, many work in an integrative setting.

“Some will be working with an acupuncturist or medical doctor in an integrative wellness setting, or within the schools, retreat, and education, one on one with clients,” she said. “Personal trainers and physical therapists have taken the program and have been excited to use this in the work they are already doing.”

That program is a 15-week, 700-hour program that students can take on campus or remotely. The cost of the course is $9,450. Students taking the course remotely work one-on-one with an instructor and can stretch it out over 27-months.

Students are required to complete 100 hours of internships or externships as part of the program. These hours can be fulfilled half through work with the school itself and half in outside institutions.

The Natural Chef program is five months and 450-hours. The $11,500 program must be taken at one of the four locations. It aims to teach students about cooking from the whole food perspective.

“Graduates from this program work as personal and therapeutic chefs, they are qualified to do restaurant work, catering, etc.,” said Ms. McLaughlin. “Our niche focus is the organic whole foods approach, but we are non-dogmatic, not vegetarian or vegan. We overview different dietary models and know how to come forward with the most healthy version of a diet.”

Jay Leslie is a recent graduate from the Natural Chef program and works at Crestwood Behavioral Health as the director of dietary services.

“Jay went to work for them and they said they wanted to switch from ‘awful hospital food to delicious healthy food,’ and she did. She is planning all menus for 52 clients,” said Ms. McLaughlin.

Dr. Bauman, in addition to his work with the school, is the director of a natural health clinic in Sonoma County, Bauman Nutrition, and is an adjunct faculty member at JFK University in Pleasant Hill. He is the past president of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals board of directors.