NORTH BAY -  The board of the North Coast Railroad Authority approved everything it needed to to run freight and is just waiting for the final vote from Novato on the consent agreements.

"Everything happened according to plan," said Mitch Stogner, the executive director of the rail authority. "We did everything we need to run a train."

The board certified the final enviornmental impact report, approved the agreement with Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit regarding scheduling, approved the Novato agreement and approved changes to the lease with the operator.

"Novato still has to approve the modifications to the consent agreements," said Mr. Stogner. "We can’t run a commercial train through Novato until they do. We are optimistic that it is going to happen and there is no indication of a problem.  The pieces are all in place finally."

The Novato City Council will vote on the agreement at its meeting on June 28.