HEALDSBURG -- The Healthcare Foundation of Northern Sonoma County announced that it has accepted a $3 million matching grant from Mill Valley-based Kalmanovitz Charitable Foundation, providing up to $6 million in "much-needed" equipment upgrades at Healdsburg District Hospital over the next five years.

Funds from the Kalmanovitz grant will be used for the renovation and reequipping of the imaging center at the hospital. A new and "critically-needed" 64-slice digital CT scanner will be purchased, and the CT scanner room will be renovated, according to the foundation.The new scanner means that the HDH Kozel Stroke Center will have quick and immediate access to enhanced and more accurate head scans, providing better detailed information for patients and physicians. Kalmanovitz matching funds will also be used to renovate and reequip the HDH radiology and fluoroscopy rooms, which haven’t been updated for more than 30 years., according to the foundation. Equipment updates include new x-ray and fluoroscopy equipment, new ultrasound equipment, portable X-ray machines, and an X-ray C-arm, which is critical for surgical use.The equipment upgrades and renovations will minimize the need to refer patients elsewhere for imaging and radiology services, the foundation said.“We’ve been fortunate to receive these funds as incentive to our donor base,” said Rick Ventura, executive director of the foundation. “Without the generosity of our donors who have really stepped up to meet these challenge grants and the Kight family and Kalmanovitz Foundation, we couldn’t move forward with the critical health care needs that face our northern Sonoma County communities.”Having the most modern equipment and facilities helps attract top physicians, nurses and health care specialists, he said.According to the foundation, it’s almost half way to completing the most recent fundraising challenge. During its Hospital Revitalization Campaign, donors contributed $1.3 million, which has been set aside for the Healdsburg District Hospital Imaging Center, and will be counted against the Kalmanovitz challenge.

The foundation said it just recently completed a similar $2 million challenge grant from the Kight family of Quivira Vineyard. Donations amounted to $3 million, resulting in a total of $5 million. That money enabled the foundation to fund an array of critical health care projects, especially for local clinics: Windsor-based PDI Surgery Center, Alexander Valley Regional Medical Center and Alliance Medical Center in Healdsburg and Windsor.

“Keeping medical facilities, equipment, and personnel up to date is an ongoing challenge,” said Mr. Ventura. “We keep raising the bar, and our donors, volunteers, and community, continue to support quality local health care.”