SANTA ROSA -- Large, full-color advertising and corporate identity graphics covering bus, van and high-rise building windows are popping up everywhere.

The company that created this innovative, see-through technology for retail and commercial applications is Clear Focus Imaging Inc., located at 60 Maxwell Court in Santa Rosa.

Clear Focus Imaging Inc.

Address: 60 Maxwell Court, Santa Rosa 95401

Phone: 707-544-7990

Website: www.clearfocus.com

Employees: 24

"We've seen a shift in advertising dollars away from TV to include more outdoor and vehicle promotions, a mobile category we call moving billboards," said President Debbie Ross, who started the company in 1994.

"While many think that social media is the way to create awareness on a large scale, giant-size stationary and mobile ads, using our Clear Focus One Way Vision™ products, can attract more attention and have very high-impact in local markets.

"They also deliver point-of-purchase  value in retail environments without sacrificing visibility. This is truly new media space for the 21st century. We see ourselves as our customer's window to the world of One Way Vision."

Clear Focus has 24 employees worldwide, based in offices in France and Germany, including its corporate headquarters in the U.S.  The company also has a master distributor in Australia and sells into the Japanese and Central and South American markets.Clear Focus produces a full line of polymeric PVC window films and pressure sensitive over-laminating films for a growing global market.

Available in 25, 50, 100 and 1,000-foot rolls, this family of self-adhesive films comes in eight widths ranging from 15 inches to 60 inches, as required, by digital printers.

"We don't design, print or install the final graphics. Our customers primarily are distributors in the printing industry. Licensees include 3M and Avery."

The secret behind Clear Focus' success is the perforation process it pioneered that puts 1.5mm to 2mm holes spaced at close intervals in 65/35 (65% film and 35% open space) and 50/50 film perforation patterns. Viewers outside see the graphics. Those inside clearly see outside.

Clear Focus has 12 patents on the various film structures it developed  over the years.  The perforation process is so proprietary, the machinery is kept in a locked, windowless room only accessed by authorized personnel.

Depending on the film type selected, products can last from one to five years. These films also help reduce glare and heat.

Transparent overlaminates are available to cover graphic surfaces and extend ink life. They also help to safeguard the film and small perforations from water, dirt and UV rays.

"People have come up with a variety of ways to use our products. After 9/11, Siebel Systems in Emeryville commissioned a 20,000 square foot American flag to cover its windows and show its patriotism. Del Monte designed a bus shelter display in the U.K. to market fruit juice that included a misting device with the scent of the juice, giving customers a multisensory experience."

Clear Focus films have also been used  at the NFL Super Bowl, for new movie promotions (Babe, E.T., Master and Commander, and Ice Age), to advertise headliners and sporting events in Las Vegas, on hotel shuttle buses at airports as well as on veterinary clinic vans, ambulances, banks and pharmacies, to mention just a few applications.

In the future the company sees its products being used in architectural treatments, as art, and even as graphics for glass shower enclosures.

Clear Focus is launching several translucent products used to decorate glass walls between lobbies and conference rooms, and a non-perforated product for displays and backlighting applications.

"I like to think of Clear Focus as an example of a successful California manufacturing firm. To us, every glass surface is a window of opportunity."