NORTH BAY -- As part of the new marketing effort for Energy Upgrade California, which provides incentives for owners to increase the energy efficiency of their properties, organizers of the program in Sonoma County are reaching out to local businesses to encourage their employees to undertake efficiency projects on their homes.

The goal of the employee outreach program is to convince more homeowners to have the energy usage and waste of their homes analyzed, so that they can learn about various ways to increase the comfort of their dwellings while reducing the size their electric and gas bills, according to Kathy Goodacre, local program marketing manager.

The program currently is in talks with several companies in the county, according to a spokeswoman.

What employers get out of the program is support for marketing the program to employees and community recognition. Marketing support includes brochures, presentations, informational fairs and tours, giveaways and incentives, and material for internal communications.

The program offers employers recognition of their involvement in the program by mentioning them on the local program website, in program marketing materials and on social networks.

For more information, contact Ms. Goodacre at 707-537-1679 or