NORTH BAY --  The National Labor Relations Board has issued an order that will lead to a re-run of elections held in the fall of 2010 for some 43,500 employees of Kaiser Permanente in California.

The employees initially voted on whether to remain represented by their current union,  Service Employees International Union--United Healthcare Workers West,  or to select its rival offshoot, the National Union of Healthcare Workers.

SEIU won the vote by a 60 percent margin.

The objections to the election alleged improper conduct. A NLRB judge sustained some allegations and rejected others, and recommended that the results of the original election be set aside and a new election held.

SIEU and Kaiser filed a joint motion with the board agreeing to the new election, but NUHW opposed the request.

Today’s order, by Chairman Wilma B. Liebman and Members Brian Hayes and Mark Gaston Pearce, with Member Craig Becker recused, grants the joint motion,  sending the case to the Oakland region for appropriate action, including the scheduling of a new election. A date for a new election has not yet been determined.