GEYSERVILLE -- The River Rock Authority, operator of the River Rock Casino, said net revenues for the second quarter ended June 30 this year were $31.2 million, compared to $32.4 million during the same period last year.

Casino revenues totaled $30 million and included slot revenue of $27.8 million and table games and poker revenue of $2.2 million. Last year, casino revenues totaled approximately $31.1.  Food and beverage revenues were $1 million, with $600,000 of promotional allowances, compared to about $1.4 million last year, with$440,000 of promotional allowances.

Operating expenses for the second quarter ended June 30 were $19.2 million. Earnings before interest and taxes for the second quarter were $14.6 million. Income from operations for the second quarter was $12 million.

“In combination with our continuing effort to improve operational efficiency, upgrading our gaming technology, and refocusing our marketing efforts, we are confident that we will have set a solid foundation for improved and sustained cash flows,” said David Fendrick, chief executive officer and general manager of the River Rock Casino.

Cash and cash equivalents net of restricted cash at June 30, 2011 totaled $37.2 million.