NOVATO -- North Bay Water Reuse Authority is on track to receive a $2 million state grant, as part of the San Francisco Bay Area Clean Water Agencies being awarded their full grant request of $30.1 million.

Member agencies of the authority also are part of the Bay Area group, a local government agency created to assist agencies in carrying out mutually beneficial projects.  The latter helps develop scientific, economic and other information about protection of natural resources and public health.

The $2 million grant will be divided equally among four NBWRA projects in Marin, Sonoma and Napa counties:

Novato South Project.

Novato North Project.

Sonoma Valley Recycled Water.

Napa State Hospital Pipeline.

The Sonoma County projects are sponsored by Sonoma County Water Agency and Sonoma Valley County Sanitation District.

“Recycled water benefits the entire region by bringing jobs and an environmentally sound, cost-effective and a drought-proof water supply for irrigating agriculture and large landscapes, so potable supplies can be conserved,” said Bill Long, chairman of NBWRA. “Many people worked very hard and we are grateful to have gotten to this point.”

The funding is part of the Integrated Regional Water Management grant program, created by Proposition 84 and administered by the state Department of Water Resources.

NBWRA is a regional group consisting of seven public agencies in Napa, Marin and Sonoma Counties, with a goal of expanding use of recycled water to meet urban, environmental and agricultural needs in the North Bay. Previously, the program secured $8.6 million in federal construction grants from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.

Over the next five years the NBWRA plans to construct $100 million in public works projects that will supply recycled water across the region.  During construction it is estimated these projects will contribute 4,550 jobs to the local economy.

More information on the North Bay Water Reuse Program, visit or call 707-547-1923.