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SANTA ROSA -- Starting her own wine sales compliance firm in January 2010, Drea Helfer plans to expand DH Wine Compliance next month with a larger office and two other compliance specialists on board by year-end.

"I've seen a lot companies downsize their employees and outsource compliance because it's more cost-effective, considering insurance and other labor costs," she said. "Direct-to-consumer sales and licensing required to do that have taken off and it's pretty complex."

Outsourced regulatory compliance has become increasingly complex over the past six years as laws for shipping directly to consumers or trade accounts and even through traditional three-tier channels have been in flux.

Interestingly, more of Ms. Helfer's 125 regular and occasional clients are seeking help to solve problems that come up when using compliance software or organizing their businesses for efficient compliance.

On Sept. 6, Ms. Helfer plans to be fully operating out of a new 2,000-square-foot office at 5570 Skylane Blvd. near Charles M. Schulz -- Sonoma County Airport north of Santa Rosa. The business has expanded from a home office to 300 square feet of professional office space then 600 square feet at Starr Station in Windsor. Previously, she spent more than seven years at alcoholic beverage regulatory compliance agencies Beer & Wine Services in Calistoga and Compliance Connection in Santa Rosa.

With the new office, Ms. Helfer has a compliance specialist -- Rebeca Lidz Herman --  and an executive assistant.

For details, call 707-529-7843 or visit www.dhwinecompliance.com.

Brian Keegan and Shawn Johnson of Keegan & Coppin represented building owner Wheeler Properties LLC in the lease deal, which was signed earlier this month. Russ Mayer of the same commercial real estate brokerage represented DH Wine Compliance.