Bill Reading, founder of and portmaker for Petaluma-based Sonoma Valley Portworks, purchased the company from American Beverage Group Inc.

He put the port house into a new wine company he just formed, called Re:Wined LLC.

“Sonoma Valley Portworks has owned my heart since its inception,” Mr. Reading said. “This transition allows me to focus on what I love most -- producing unique, award-winning ports and after-dinner wines.”

Sonoma Valley Portworks is unique in Sonoma County in focusing just on dessert wines.

Mr. Reading started Sonoma Valley Portworks in 1994 with the release of Deco port, the first after-dinner wine blended with natural dark chocolate essences. Other creations include Duet, an after-dinner sherry with natural hazelnut essences, two varietal ports, Aris petite sirah and petit verdot and a Down under series, consisting of Maduro wood-aged port and A3 fortified muscat, both incorporating dessert wines imported from Australia.

All have won top honors at the most prestigious wine competitions in California.

Prior to American Beverage Group, Mr. Reading was director of sales and marketing for Sebastiani Vineyards, director of sales for ISC Wines of California and held senior sales positions with Heublein Wines.


Sonoma Valley Portworks and Re:Wined LLC are located at 613 Second Street in Petaluma, California. For more information, please call 707-769-5203