Codding EnterprisesWhat makes your company one of the Best Places to work In the North Bay?Video

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Codding is a family company. We strive to create an environment that is professional, yet comfortable, innovative and invigorating as well as reliable and trusting, with a goal of creating a fun place to spend each workday.---Brad Baker, chairman and CEOWhat does this acknowledgment mean to me?

As a family company, the Best Places to Work employee nominations mean the world to us. We fully understand that the success we achieve is a direct result of their dedication to our goals. We all want to have as much fun as possible, and we’re out to prove that work is not just another four-letter word!---Brad BakerInnovative Business Solutions, Inc.What makes your company one of the Best Places to work In the North Bay?

IBS is one of the healthiest work environments I have ever worked in. It is truly operated with the best leadership. We are progressive and never compromising when it comes to being sure our employees are not overstressed and our clients are not adversely affected by inadequate staffing.

This is, without a doubt, the best company for customer service due to the quality of all of our staff. Everyone at IBS cares about each other and we all have a common goal of taking excellent care of each and every IBS payroll client. I previously worked for a large national payroll company and they cannot compare to the customer service IBS provides.---Jodi Shubin, business development managerWhat does this acknowledgment mean to me?

As director of sales and marketing for Innovative Business Solutions (IBS), my job is to develop new payroll clients for our company. Before I was hired in 2010, IBS never had an experienced sales person. Up to that point, our clients had been acquired by customer referrals and professional relationships in the community. Our clients love our company and some of them have been with us for over 20 years.

Because of our amazing staff and the way they take such good care of our clients, I have never had to do any damage control when out talking to prospects. Our reputation gives me a competitive edge and a sense of pride. Our employees rarely leave IBS and because they are so happy, it reflects a common thread of commitment, which in turn is carried through to our customers. Being the highest scoring company in our category tells the public they are working with a winning company that is truly the “best of the best.”---Jodi ShubinMetier, Ltd.What makes your company one of the Best Places to Work in the North Bay?

At Metier, we are laser focused on creating a results-oriented work environment and culture of professional development and leadership in a fun and caring way. We strive for an optimal mix of work hard/play hard by incorporating activities such as company cheese tastings shared between our two offices, holiday celebrations that foster camaraderie and learning, and consistent, open door communication across our entire organization.---Sandra Richardson, chief marketing officer

What does this acknowledgment mean to you?

This acknowledgement in our new North Bay home is truly an honor. We truly believe that the value of our company is our people, and that the company culture is essential to our business. Our team is comprised of the best and brightest, and we are proud to be establishing a successful, professional environment for each of them to thrive in.  ---Sandra Richardson