Embassy Suites, San RafaelWhat makes your company one of the Best Places to work in the North Bay?Video

Watch a video slideshow of responses from top-scoring companies in all the size categories.

I am told over and over again by our guests, how warm and friendly our staff is. There is no doubt in my mind that our people are our greatest asset and is what makes this hotel a great place to work.---Pat Sorber, general manager

When I walked in the front door eight years ago to apply for a job, I was nicely greeted and when I looked around I said to myself, Wow, this is an elegant, beautiful hotel; I want to work here. Eight years later, I feel the same way.---Christa Berendt, breakfast ambassador

The people that I work with make this the best place to work. They are friendly and kind-hearted and work together as a team.---Nikki Scott, guest service agentWhat does this acknowledgment mean to you?

This acknowledgment, three years in a row is affirmation that despite whatever comes our way, especially over these last several years relative to the ever changing business environment, that you can make a difference in both big and small ways, when you work together as a team.---Pat Sorber

It makes me very proud, because it means the team’s efforts are being recognized.---Christa Berendt

It means a lot. We work really hard and it feels good to know that, that is being acknowledged.---Nikki ScottPetaluma Health CenterWhat makes your company one of the Best Places to Work in the North Bay?

To me, working here has been an amazing experience. Even though we have doubled in size since I was hired seven years ago, it still has the family feel to it.  The people we work with truly care about their coworkers and we are all a team.  If one of us is having trouble, either in work or personally, we know that this “family” is here for us. Not to mention all the good that is done for our community. I think our patients feel we are family to them too.---Teri Ortiz, referral specialistWhat does this acknowledgment mean to you?

This acknowledgement means a great deal to me.  When people ask where I am practicing, I say "the new Petaluma Health Center," with a bright smile on my face.  Again, I feel honored to be a part of the larger team of professionals, caring for one patient at a time, meeting the needs of our community members, and doing so with pride and compassion.---Laura Hunnemeder-Bergfelt, licensed clinical social workerSonic.net

Sonic.net CEO Dane Jasper said the company has launched new products, and is growing its staff and customer base:

"Customers are hungry for more connection bandwidth for Internet and office-to-office services, along with reduced costs. We are a full-service Internet provider dedicated to delivering fast, reliable and inexpensive connectivity while providing award-winning technical support. To be in a position to do this means taking good care of the people who provide our services."