NORTH BAY -- It may seem obvious that a group of  40-plus physicians and the staff -- totaling some 300 nurse practitioners, oncology nurses, technologists and support staff -- would practice the healthy lifestyle they encourage for their patients. Now its an official program.

Redwood Regional Medical Group's wellness effort, Live Well Work Well, was rolled out at the beginning of 2011. Already, 55 percent of  the workforce is actively participating, according to Lynn Cibrian, an HR generalist with the group, who added that employees have been responsive to the incentives. Those include recognizing employees' efforts with points, prizes and by offering a wide array options in wellness.

The practice, one of the largest physician specialty groups in the North Bay, also views employees wellness to be directly correlated with its health care costs and  employee productivity.

[caption id="attachment_44805" align="alignleft" width="350" caption="The Redwood Regional Medical Group Team In Training at the end of a 12K"][/caption]

"We take an interest in our employee's well being and understand that affordable health care is important to our employee population," Ms. Cibrian said. "In addition to hopefully being able to save our employees money, we hope that our employees develop long term healthy lifestyle habits by participating in the various wellness activities and challenges that the program offers.

"A healthier employee means a more productive, less stressed, and focused individual both at work and at home," she added.

Redwood's physicians specialize in diagnostic radiology, neuroradiology, interventional radiology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, hematology, and breast and vascular surgery.

Founded in the mid-1950s by four radiologists, Redwood Regional Medical Group today is the largest integrated radiology-oncology surgery practice in the North Bay. The group serves more than 500 patients a day at 10 locations in Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino and Lake counties.