ROHNERT PARK – LEMO USA, Inc. goes beyond offering its workers programs designed to improve their health, it also tracks their results and provides vital feedback necessary to reinforce continued participation.

“This year we supported walks for the American Heart Association and Crohn’s and Colitis research,” said Debbie Raike, human resources manager, with LEMO USA, a designer and manufacturer of precision custom connection solutions for medical, industrial and telecom applications.

“Our employees voluntarily wear pedometers to measure steps taken. On a weekly basis, they turn in their total step counts and we enter their names for monthly drawings. Prizes have included tickets to the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts, county fair, Harlem Globetrotter and baseball tickets and other rewards, ” Ms. Raike said.

Having two on-site showers and amenities in our restrooms help staff freshen up after exercise. 

 LEMO has partnered with several outside vendors, including the St. Joseph Hospital Workforce Health Initiative, in developing its wellness program that includes regular blood pressure, diabetes and glucose tests. North Bay Corporate Health provides company-paid flu shots on an annual basis.

[caption id="attachment_44803" align="alignleft" width="350" caption="LEMO employees checking their pedometers during a walk"][/caption]

“We also took part in the Sonic Boom daily challenge program where employees are given different tasks each day, such as standing instead of sitting at their desks. Employees earn points that can be applied toward acquiring stainless coffee mugs, backpacks, a sports watch or a catalog item,” Ms. Raike said.

LEMO has an electric massage chair on site, blood pressure cuffs staffers can use and conducts quarterly health fairs in cooperation with health care providers that includes skin cancer detection exams, body mass index (BMI) calculations, allergy testing, nutrition information and other basic work and life principles.

“Other vendors are invited to present topics of interest. A representative from an organic fruit company gave an overview of the value of organic food. An ophthalmologist talked about vision health, an attorney addressed estate planning, a dentist stressed the importance of oral hygiene and an athletic shoe store owner talked about how to select the right shoes for walking or running,” Ms. Raike said.

 LEMO pays 50 percent up to $50 monthly towards employee dues at local gyms. 

“Our health program started four years ago and we continue to update it based on employee suggestions. There has been a definite reduction in health-related costs, but the real payoff is positive employee response – they think it’s great,” she said. 

 “Healthier employees are happier employees and there has been a dramatic increase in attendance at our walks. Our staff enjoys talking about their results, how far they have walked or have ridden bicycles.”