NOVATO – The average tenure of employees at W. Bradley Electric Inc., (WBE) is 8.5 years. The company goes to great lengths to show its appreciation for their loyalty and hard work by providing a variety of creative wellness opportunities enabling them to grow physically, mentally and personally.

“We sponsor a Weight Watchers program, offer free massages during work hours and operate an on-site gym without cost to our employees,” said Laura Masset, human resources manager at WBE, a full service commercial and industrial electrical contractor located at 90 Hill Road in Novato.

“In addition, we also provide healthy morning snacks and afternoon fruit breaks weekly to help promote our team’s overall wellness.”

[caption id="attachment_44814" align="alignleft" width="350" caption="W. Bradley Electric employee participating in a ping pong tournament"][/caption]

By offering flextime, WBE gives employees an opportunity to adjust their schedules meet family needs and have personal time to include life-enhancing exercise and fitness activities in their workday.

The WBE gym is complete with stationary bikes, treadmills, weights, a rowing machine and other workout equipment to help employees stay fit.

"We conduct random ergonomic checks at employee desks to ensure that there are no posture concerns or other factors that could lead to back pain,  headaches or discomfort,” Ms. Masset said. “If we find any, we take steps immediately to make furniture modifications or counsel staff members on proper techniques.”

Ping Pong tournaments are popular and many workers become involved in this team-building sport where players depend on each other as they compete.

Almost 40 percent of WBE’s over 200 employees participate in one or more of these wellness programs.

“We have seen measurable results directly associated with our healthy workplace activities.  Some employees no longer require high blood pressure or related maintenance medications. Exercise has been found to improve the cardiovascular system, while also producing happier employees. It also provides a bonding time for those in every department. We have become one large support group.”

WBE also has a Giving Committee that supports employees in their personal community volunteer work and shows its gratitude whenever possible to enhance team cohesiveness in the work environment by recognizing jobs well done.

CEO Leslie Murphy believes that every firm should care about its employees and their families. “We feel it is our privilege to do what we can to care for our people. If you make sure you always treat your employees great, they will do the same for you and your customers.”