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Brokerage abbreviations: CTBT = Cassidy Turley BT Commercial; C&CCNKF = Cornish & Carey Commercial Newmark Knight Frank; K&C = Keegan & Coppin/ONCOR International; NBLS = Northbay Leasing & Sales; NBPA = North Bay Property AdvisorsLEASES

size at address, city; tenant; procuring agent; owner; listing agent; deal dateNapa County

2,832sf at 1530 Railroad Ave. (Inglewood Village Business Park), St. Helena; AHPNSH St. Helena, Linda Simmons of Meridian Commercial; Inglewood Village Partners LLC; Linda Simmons; Nov. 3Marin County

16,400sf at 23 Pimentel Ct., Novato; warehouse; Prima Fleur Botanicals; Linda Zacarin of The Zacharin Co.; Frank Davis; Brian Eisberg, Brian Gleason, David Walwyn and Mike Lieberman of C&CCNKF; Dec. 9

5,885sf at 899 Northgate Dr., #500, San Rafael; office; Lifehouse Agency; Brian Eisberg and David Walwyn of C&CCNKF; Besphil & Co.; Vesa Becam of K&C; Dec. 9

5,256sf at 5420 Nave Dr., Novato; retail; Alicia Reid; Sandra Hess and Jerry Suyderhoud of C&CCNKF; K&G/Nave Drive LLC; North Bay Property Advisors; Dec. 9

3,537sf at 695 De Long Ave., #101, Novato; office; Rosanna Sansone; na; Imperial Contracting; Theo Banks and Jeffrey Wilmore of K&C; Nov. 15

2,920sf at 46 Hamilton Dr., #D, E & G, Novato; industrial, extension and expansion; Suzanne Daily; na; Alfaman; Theo Banks and Nathan Ballard of K&C; Dec. 8

2,270sf at 10 Commercial Blvd, #102, Novato; office; Hired Hands, Inc.; na; Pierpont Investment Trust; Roger Smith of C&CCNKF; Dec. 16

1,820sf at 68 Hamilton Dr., Novato; warehouse; Gama; Michael Golden of CTBT; na; David Losk of NBPA; Nov. 15

1,768sf at 1101 Fifth Ave., #270, San Rafael; office; Monahan Parker; Bill Hart of Bradley Commercial Real Estate; Center for Behavior Education; Matt Storms of K&C; Nov. 14

1,738sf at 250 Camino Alto, #110, Mill Valley; office; Dr. Bob Christensen; Alisa Belew, Haden Ongaro and Mark Carrington of C&CCNKF; Hodge Capital Co.; Mac Cranford and Doug Daigle of C&CCNKF; Dec. 16

1,626sf at 6 Hamilton Landing, #210, Novato; office; Hangar 4 Partners; na; Barker Pacific Group; Brian Eisberg, Haden Ongaro and Mark Carrington of C&CCNKF; Dec. 16

1,584sf at 67 Galli Dr., Novato; warehouse; Deep Vac Inc.; Rich Little of NBPA; na; Peter Gettner of HL Commercial; Dec. 1

1,475sf at 359 Bel Marin Keys, #22 & 24, Novato; office; Netshare, Inc.; na; Damner-Wyler Assoc.; Doug Daigle of C&CCNKF; Feb. 16, 2011

1,430sf at 181 Third St., #225, San Rafael; office; Burke; Haden Ongaro, Alisa Belew and Mark Carrington of C&CCNKF; Epstein; Haden Ongaro, Alisa Belew and Mark Carrington; Dec. 16

1,371sf at 1099 D St., #206, San Rafael; office; 1099 D Street, LLC; na; Dr. Richard Creaghe, DDS; Theo Banks and Nathan Ballard of K&C; Nov. 8

1,305sf at 302 Caledonia St., #3, Sausalito; office; Pacific Precious Metals, LLC; Robert Hancock; Pyramid Properties, LLC; Theo Banks and Vesa Becam of K&C; Nov. 1

1,200sf of 128 Carlos Dr., San Rafael; warehouse; Moran; Rich Little of NBPA; na; David Losk of NBPA; Dec. 15

1,154sf at 7250 Redwood Blvd. (Woodside Office Center), #355, Novato; office; Barbara Burke; Theo Banks of K&C; CA-Woodside Office Center L.P.; Whitney Strotz of CTBT; Nov. 22

1,139sf at 500 Tamal Plaza, #505, Corte Madera; office; Presidio Brands, Inc.; Theo Banks and Vesa Becam of K&C; Nine Forty Five Market Corp.; Theo Banks and Vesa Becam; Nov. 15

1,060sf at 324 Bon Air Center, Greenbrae; retail; Fingers & Toes; Vesa Becam of K&C; Bon Air Development, LP; Vesa Becam; June 7

994sf at 38 Miller Ave., #6, Mill Valley; office; Robert Luster; na; na; Doug Daigle of C&CCNKF; Dec. 9

744sf at 24 Professional Ctr. Pkwy., San Rafael; office; Small and Knoesel; Rich Little of NBPA; na; Martin Perlmutter; Dec. 1

740sf at 4000 Bridgeway, #401, Sausalito; office; Medizone; Alisa Belew and Mac Cranford of C&CCNKF; 4000 Bridgeway, LLC; Alica Belew and Mac Cranford; Dec. 15

726sf at 4000 Bridgeway, #405, Sausalito; office; 4Parts Design; Alisa Belew and Mac Cranford of C&CCNKF; 4000 Bridgeway, LLC; Alisa Belew and Mac Cranford; Dec. 15

420sf at 424 Las Gallinas, San Rafael; retail; Damien Morozumi; Haden Ongaro, Alica Belew and Mark Carrington of C&CCNKF; na; Haden Ongaro, Alica Belew and Mark Carrington; Dec. 15Sonoma County

6,720sf at 2930 Dutton Ave., Santa Rosa; industrial; Manor Development Co.; Rhonda Deringer; Apollo Respiratory Services; Rhonda Deringer and John Rico of K&C; Dec. 7

6,640sf at 600 Martin Ave., #110, Rohnert Park; industrial; BSA Vending; Gil Saydah of K&C; Arthur Bros. Investment Co., Inc.; Gil Saydah; na

5,840sf at 2400 County Center Dr., #A, Santa Rosa; office; Southpoint Land & Commercial; Rich Henderson of CTBT; B. I. Incorporated; Doug Braik of K&C; Dec. 5

4,500sf at 1330 Ross St., Petaluma; warehouse/office; Rivas/Carlos; Bryant Moynihan of Nexus Realty Group; na; David Losk of NBPA; Dec. 1

2,640sf at 421 S. Cloverdale Blvd., #B, C & D, Cloverdale; office; Penny Faire, LLC; Russ Mayer and Marshall Kelly of K&C; Cobalt Polymers; Russ Mayer and Marshall Kelly; March 15

2,592sf at 424 Payran St., Petaluma; industrial; Anthony & Jolene Adiego; Chris Castellucci of K&C; Myles Ahead Fitness; Chris Castellucci and Dave Peterson of K&C; Nov. 2

2,500sf at 300 W. Robles Ave., Santa Rosa; warehouse; Birdsell; Vicki Greenbaum of NBLS; na; David Losk of NBPA; Dec. 1

2,400sf at 3383 Airway Dr., Santa Rosa; Industrial (shop plus self-storage units); Brian Pecore; Kevin Doran of K&C; Gary Rasche Trust; Kevin Doran of K&C; Oct. 29

2,285sf at 2312 Bethards Dr., #3B, 4 & 5, Santa Rosa; office, extension; Daniel & Sheenagh Carlson; na; John Dodge; Brian White of K&C; (March 1, 2012)

1,858sf at 520 Mendocino Ave., #260, Santa Rosa; office; Climate Protection Campaign; Brian Keegan of K&C; Parkway Properties 14, LLC; Dave Peterson and Peter Briceño of K&C; Nov. 14

1,620sf at 8492 Hwy. 116, #I, Cotati; retail; Jared Suokup; na; Steve Poplar; Jerry Suyderhoud and Berk Jones of C&CCNKF; Dec. 13

1,600sf at 122 Wikiup Dr., Santa Rosa; spa; Anderson & Schuster; Bill Faherty of K&C; Huong (Wendy) Mai; Vicki Greenbaum of NBLS; Feb. 25

1,568sf at 5625 State Farm Dr., #35, Rohnert Park; industrial; Gregory Matthew Nelson; na; New California Land Co.; Brian White of K&C; (Jan. 11, 2012)

1,515sf at 750 Stony Point Rd., #A130, Santa Rosa; retail; Spyridon Strouzas; Vicki Greenbaum of Northbay Leasing & Sales; Jorge Vasquez-Garcia; Rhonda Deringer and Marshall Kelly of K&C; Oct. 24

1,000sf at 3510 Unocal Pl., #100, Santa Rosa; office; Ameriprise Holdings, Inc.; Doug Braik of K&C; 3510 Unocal Place Corporation; Sue Lyon of Sleepy Hollow Property Management; Dec. 1800sf at 311 D St., Santa Rosa; retail; Jennifer Webley; Mac Cranford of C&CCNKF; Martin Bramante; Mac Cranford; Dec. 13

750sf at 35 Executive Ave., Rohnert Park; sound studio; Landis; na; David Losk of NBPA; Dec. 1SALES

size at address, city; buyer; procuring agent; seller; listing agent; deal date; valueNapa County

3.54ac at 5091 St. Helena Hwy. (Old Ren Hen property), Napa; commercial land; Red Hen Properties, LLC; na; Liberty Bank; Bruce Peters of Portofino Realty Advisors; $2.85 million

0.66ac at 219 Rio Del Mar, American Canyon; residential land; Vincent Fung & Tierra Buena Properties, LLC; Ken O’Farrell and Ken Bizzell of K&C; American River Bank; Chad Mitchell of Chad Mitchell Associates, Inc.; Dec. 14; na

4,500sf (six units) at 2471 Old Sonoma Rd., Napa; multifamily; East O Investors, LLC; David Tipp of Tipp Realty; Voskanian Trust; Pat Ripple of Robert Butler Co.; Nov. 18; $600,000Solano County

300,897sf (292 units) at 3700 Lyon Rd. (Rolling Oaks), Fairfield; multifamily; N/A Rolling Oaks-88 LP (Nevins Adams Lewbel Schell); na; Continental American Properties and Wafra Investment Advisory Group; William Huberty, Clint Sholl and Malcomb McComb of CB Richard Ellis; $52 millionSonoma County

52.88ac at 711 Vacherie Way, Healdsburg; vineyard estate; Cunningham-Perini Family Vineyard; na; L.J and D.M. Becnel Trust; na; $8.37 million

33.3ac at 6450 Plum Ranch Rd., Santa Rosa; vineyard estate (Brigden Vineyard); Kari Teran; na; Brigden Family Trust; na; $2.63 million