NOVATO -- Mark Wood is vice president of human resources of BioMarin Pharmaceutical, which has approximately 700 employees. He joined the pharmaceutical company in 2004 and oversees all HR functions as well as public relations and corporate communications. Before joining BioMarin, he was a sole proprietor of an HR consulting practice from 2002 to 2004 and previously worked as vice president of human resources and consulting for AG Consulting. He also previously was manager of compensation and quantitative analysis at Genentech and held numerous HR positions with Wells Fargo Bank. 

Q.  BioMarin has undergone significant growth recently, and with the plans to expand in San Rafael, it appears that is continuing. What are some of the main drivers of this growth?  

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A. The main drivers of growth at BioMarin are our continued commercial product growth and the advancement of our deep pipeline of new R&D projects.  This year we will have seven programs in clinical development, the most ever at the company.

Q.  How challenging is it to get employees from San Francisco to Marin, and how is BioMarin able to successfully woo that workforce?

A. It can be challenging to get employees from San Francisco, especially with the competition in biotech just south of the city. However, the unique mission of BioMarin and our track record of success with four products launched in recent years makes the opportunities at our company very attractive to biotech professionals from all over the Bay Area and beyond.

Q.  It feels as if Marin is tilting increasingly toward the life sciences and biotech/health care, with expansions at BioMarin and The Buck, and newer companies like Sonovas. Have you noticed a change in the past few years in that area?

A. Yes, we have noticed an uptick in life sciences activity in Marin. Whenever a county can expand industries that offer high paying careers in research, manufacturing and business, it can only help the overall economic health and employment landscape.  We are proud to be one of the founders of biotech in the North Bay and our new San Rafael facility helps ensure that we continue to have an expanding presence in Marin.